2018RigorRepro Program Agenda
 2018 FASEB Rigor & Reproducibility: Promoting Credible Science and Interdisciplinary Collaborations Workshop (Part I) and Course (Part II)
Workshop:  Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center Hotel, Myrtle Beach, SC (April 26-27, 2018)
Course:  The University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS (June 23-29, 2018)

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8:30a - 9:00a      Advance Registration Check-in for Workshop

9:00a - 9:15a     
Welcome, Workshop Objectives, Introductions
                              E. Rosa-Molinar, Ph.D.  (The Univ. of Kansas)

9:15a - 9:45a      Introduction to antibiotic resistance
                              M. Rivera, Ph.D.  (Louisiana State Univ.)

9:45a - 10:00a    Bio-Break

10:00a - 11:30a  Genomics 101
                              D. Vigerust, Ph.D. (MyGenetx Clinical Laboratory)

11:30a - 1:30p    Lunch "On Your Own"

1:30p - 3:00p      Bacterial genetics 101
                              J. Chandler, Ph.D.,  (The Univ. of Kansas)

3:00p - 3:15p      Bio-Break

3:15p - 4:45p      Protein crystallography: moving from gene to structure
                              S. W. Lovell, Ph.D.  (The Univ. of Kansas)

4:45p                    Dinner "On Your Own"

FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2018
6:00a - 8:00a      Breakfast "On Your Own"

8:00a - 9:30a     
Metabolo…what? Omics 101

                              T. D. Williams, Ph.D.  (The Univ. of Kansas)

9:30a - 10:00a    Bio-Break

10:00a - 11:30a   Visualizing the Omics
                               A. Soldano, Ph.D.  (Louisiana State Univ.), N. Martinez-Rivera, Ph.D., and E. Rosa-Molinar, Ph.D.
                               (The Univ. of Kansas)

11:30a - 1:30p     Lunch "On Your Own"

1:30p - 2:30p       Case study: collaborative approach to validate a new target for antibiotic discovery
                               M. Rivera, Ph.D.  (Louisiana State Univ.)

2:30p - 3:00p      Bio-Break

3:00p - 5:00p      Next Steps Leading Up to the R&R Part II Course at The University of Kansas in June 2018
                             Group Discussion

                             NOTE:  Research teams of 4 will be selected and the R&R Part II Course Syllabus will be provided
                             during this session.

5:00p - 7:00p     Dinner "On Your Own"

7:00p                   Workshop Ends

Travel Awards will be provided to all eligible applicants
who are selected to participate in the 2018 R&R Workshop and Course.

- Travel Award Application Deadline (Extended):  March 23, 2018 -
< Click link to download travel award/registration form.>

The 2018 Rigor & Reproducibility: Promoting Credible Science and Interdisciplinary Collaborations
Workshop and Course are managed and organized by the
FASEB Office of Sponsored Programs, Diversity & Grants Administration.


 Updated:  03/16/18