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  TWD 2019 TWD Media

2019 TWD Program Directors' Meeting News, Presentation Slides and Resources


PDF versions of the presentations received from the presenters and authorized to be shared on this website will be listed in the order according to the Program. Sessions without an active hyperlink will indicate that the presentation slides have not been provided and/or were not authorized to be shared on this website. Sessions where no presentation slides were available will be noted.

NOTE:  The presenter's name (hyperlinked and in "bold") indicates the slides are available online.  Click the presenter's name to view the slides (PDF format).

Last Updated: 08.28.19

  • Tuesday, July 30, 2019 Poster Presentations
  • Wednesday, July 31, 2019 Presentations
    • Message from The Directors (A. Gammie, J. Lorsch)
    • Make Your Program Evaluation Smart by Aligning Objectives and Measures of Success (N. Moreno)
    • Better Outcomes & Greater Efficiency:  Evaluation and Assessment in T32 Programs (B. Goldberg)
    • Employing Evidence-based Practices for Training, Mentoring and Disseminating Outcomes (E. Watkins, E. Dolan, C. Pfund)
    • Focusing on Technical, Operational, and Professional Skills Development (G. Guerrero-Medina, S. Goodwin, A. DePace)
    • Developing Holistic Approaches to Admissions (J. Hall, R. Chalkley, M. Wilson-Pham)
    • Implementing Curricular Changes (S. Strome, M. Cooper)
    • Promise and Peril in Higher Education:  Building an Equitable, Creative, Prosperous, and Sustainable Future through Socially-Directed Science and Technology (C. Ortiz)
    • TWD Poster Session B
  • Thursday, August 1, 2019 Presentations
    • Breakout Session: TWDPDO: MARC U*STAR
    • Breakout Session: TWDPDO: IMSD
    • Breakout Session: TWDPDO: RISE
    • Breakout Session: TWDPDO: IPERT/MARC T36
    • Breakout Session: TWDPDO: T32
    • Breakout Session: TWDPDO: Bridges BS and PhD
    • Breakout Session: TWDPDO: PREP
    • Breakout Session: TWDPDO: IRACDA
    • Welcome Day 2 (H. Valantine)
    • Emphasizing Diversity and Inclusion as Essential Aspects of Training Excellence (J. Trejo, C. Crespo, S. Black)
    • Leading Institutional Change - Becoming Change Agents (L. Echegoyen, A. Campbell, J. Barnett)
    • Building a Strong Mentoring Environment (M.G. Vicente, R. McGee, T.S. Coston)
    • Teaching Rigor, Transparency and Responsible Conduct of Research (R. Rao, G. Chavira, I.L. Jackson)
    • Sustaining Diversity Enhancement Programs (D. Bradley Brennan, L. Tunstad)
    • Equitable, Inclusive and Safe Environments (K. McCall, J. Sheltzer, C.B. Muller)
    • NIH Policy on Sexual Harassment (C.D. Wolinetz)
    • Enhancing Laboratory Safety and the Principles of Safe Research (C. Merlic)
    • TWD Poster Session C
  • Friday, August 2, 2019 Presentations
    • TWD Program Directors' Organization (TWDPDO) Meeting
    • Welcome Day 3 (D. Salazar)
    • Preparing Trainees for a Broad Range of Careers (C. Fuhrmann, A. Stock)
    • Encouraging Partnerships to Advance Data Science Training (K. Jordan)
    • Student Wellness and Resilience (S. Milgram)
    • Current Topics from the Division of Biomedical Research Workforce (P.K. Lund)

NIGMS TWD Resources 

2019 TWD Program Directors' Meeting is managed and organized by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology under a cooperative agreement with the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health.

Funding for this conference was made possible (in part) by T36GM008637-21S1 and U13GM133156-01 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the NIH; nor does mention by trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.