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The FASEB MARC Program (first Minority Access to Research Careers and later Maximizing Access to Research Careers) provides a wide range of services and opportunities to students and early-career scientists from underrepresented populations. Funded by grants from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the FASEB MARC Program offers a variety of diversity resources for students, trainees, early-career scientists and faculty who are pursuing or are engaged in careers in the biomedical, behavioral or clinical research workforce.
On April 1, 1981, FASEB was granted the sum of $65,831 by the MARC Program office of the NIGMS Minority Opportunities in Research (MORE) Division to administer the Visiting Professors for Minority Institutions Program. The objective of the program was to enhance the educational and research programs at minority institutions by increasing their communications and interactions with distinguished faculty in the biomedical sciences and, thereby, to increase the number of well-trained minorities in these fields. To that end, the program provided funds to allow visiting scientists the opportunity to spend up to five days on the campus of minority institutions in the role of consultants, lecturers, resource persons and lab instructors in areas of biology dictated by the needs of the requesting institutions.
In order to provide the services of experts in many different areas of biology, FASEB canvassed for potential participants with announcements of the program in FEDERATION PROCEEDINGS, the FASEB Newsletter, The Physiologist, The Pharmacologist, and other publications of the six member societies of FASEB.
The Visiting Professors for Minority Institutions Program was considered successful by each of the institutions selected to host a scientist. One of the visits resulted in the immediate summer placement of a student in the laboratory of the visiting professor.
In April 1982, by special arrangement with NIGMS/NIH, registration fees were provided for faculty and students from Xavier University of Louisiana, Dillard University and Southern University to attend the FASEB Annual Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The activities supported by the NIGMS/NIH MARC grant in 1981 and 1982 were key in establishing the foundation of the FASEB MARC Program which has grown substantially over the past three decades through the financial support of two NIGMS/NIH MARC T36 grant projects totaling over $32 million in direct costs between 1997 and 2018.   The FASEB MARC grant projects have included a variety of diversity resources program services and activities to help increase the preparedness and the number of underrepresented students, trainees and early-career scientists in the biomedical, behavioral and clinical research workforce. 
Other services of the FASEB MARC Program included travel awards to FASEB societies’ scientific meetings and FASEB Science Research Conferences, summer research opportunity program for undergraduate students, grantsmanship training seminars and workshops for research scientists and faculty at minority institutions, career counseling and career development seminars and workshops at FASEB societies’ annual meetings, postdoctoral preparation workshops, postdoctoral professional development and enrichment awards, and a peer mentoring network.
Program Statistics: (missing data for a few program activities which occurred in years prior to July 1997)
  • 36 Years of FASEB MARC: Then and Now (slides from March 2018, FASEB Board of Directors' Meeting)
  • Visiting Scientist Program for Minority Institutions (1981-2010): over 769 visits (missing data for years prior to 07/97)
  • Travel Awards for Societies’ Scientific Meetings (1991-Present): over 5,605 travel award recipients (faculty, trainees, early-career scientists)
  • Travel Awards for FASEB Science (Summer) Research Conferences (1991-Present): over 461 travel award recipients
  • Travel/Subsistence Awards for Summer Research Opportunity Program (1996-2012): 881 undergraduate students sponsored
  • Grantsmanship Training Program (Individuals) (1998-2014): Over 1,106 travel award recipients (faculty, trainees, early-career scientists)
  • Grantsmanship Training Program (at Minority Institutions) (2000-2015): 57 seminars/workshops sponsored at minority institutions
  • Postdoctoral Professional Development and Enrichment Awards (individuals) (2008-2011):  24 postdoc award recipients 
  • Postdoctoral Preparation Institute (2012-2018): 5 workshops; 426 postdocs and advanced graduate students
  • Genomics Symposium on Health Disparities at Experimental Biology (EB) Meetings (2002-2008): 6 symposia sponsored at EB Meetings
  • Career and Professional Development Seminars/Workshops sponsored at EB Meetings (1999-2018): over 700 seminars/workshops sponsored at EB Meetings
  • NIGMS-funded TWD Program Directors' Meeting (2012-2017): over 400 NIGMS-funded program directors each year
  • FASEB MARC Advisory Board Meetings: (2002-2014): 13 meetings; 12 Advisory Board Members

Prepared and last updated by Jacquie Roberts 05.29.18